Professional Onboarding

Customised software configuration and action plan for the first campaign.


We define roles, form your team and set business goals.

We assign you an Expert Account Manager in Interactive Video. We explain how the process is going to be developed, and plan the training sessions for you.

We delve into the software’s potential, the possible business objectives and the different Interactive Video solutions.

We prepare the briefing of the first Interactive Video project to be produced and establish the necessary strategy to obtain an optimal result.


We define the strategy of your first campaign jointly.

We analyse your business objectives as well as your clients’, working on the initial approach and oulining the best strategy to earn more money with your videos.

Validacion Creativa

We go through the different interactive solutions of PlayFilm together and draw up the appropriate action plan according to the needs and goals previously defined.


Our creative team studies in detail the initial briefing and proposes a campaign that achieves the business objective through an Interactive Video solution by PlayFilm.

Vídeo interactivo integracion

Once the initial project has been defined, your Account Manager assists you while preparing the business strategy to successfully close the sale with your client. You can also find support on the teaching material.

estadísticas con el vídeo interactivo


Custom technical set up to get the most out of PlayFilm.

We provide your team with use guides and video tutorials so you can make the most out of PlayFilm’s performance.

We help your technicians define Interactive Video Phases to attract, engage, connect and convert, to make the project a success.

We customise your PlayFilm Maker according to your business needs and offer you constant technical assistance.

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We assign you an Account Manager and an Interactive Video Specialist Technician.

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