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A cookie is a text file which is downloaded on your computer or mobile browser, being located in the directories at the time when you access from it to certain web pages. Cookies allow web pages to store and recover information on your browsing habits, and depending on the information they contain, they could be used to recognize you. The information collected on your habits can be utilized for many different purposes, from market studies to malicious purposes such as spyware.

Let us make clear that cookies are NOT viruses and they are NOT code fragments, therefore, they are unable to be executed or execute automatically. For all these reasons, they are also unable to be copied and reproduced in other networks or devices I order to execute again.

The use of cookies in this web page allows us to enhance and protect our products and services, using a variety of cookies which are listed below.

We can assure you that if the installation and/or use of a cookie entails the treatment of personal data, we, being responsible for their usage, guarantee compliance with the additional demands set out by regulations on personal data protection, particularly according to specially protected data.


There is a variety of types of cookies, depending upon their purpose and temporality (some of them expire at the end of session, while others keep track of users for a prolonged period of time, in some cases many years into the future). There are also cookies that require informed consent from the user to be installed and some others which do not, such as excepted cookies, since they do not collect protected data. Excepted cookies are, among others, the ones that are essential for your computer or device employed to communicate with our server without collecting protected data about you. They have in general a brief expiry date. Usually, amongst others, user entry, browser and secure cookies, or plug-ins for content exchange, as well as session cookies are included in the excepted cookies. These last ones are designed to gather and store data while the user access a web page.

There are also cookies which are on our own (sent to the user from the domain managed by PLAYFILM) and others which belong to third parties (sent to the user from a domain not managed by PLAYFILM).

We use both types in PLAYFILM. If you are already aware of what cookies are or wish to know which ones we make use of, go directly to the section WHAT TYPES OF COOKIES DO WE USE? If, on the contrary, you would be fond of knowing more about cookies and the existing groups of cookies, we have drafted below a short summary for you:

  • Technical cookies: Those which allow the user to browse through a web page, platform or application and use different existing options or services such as, for instance, controlling data traffic and communication, session identification, having access to some restricted access parts, reminding the elements of an order, placing the purchase process of an order, applying the inscription or registration form to an event, using security elements while you are browsing, storing content for video or sound dissemination, or sharing content on social media.
  • Cookies for personalization: Those which allow the user to access the service with some general predefined characteristics based on a series of criteria upon the user’s device, such as language, type of browser through which they access the service, region configuration from where the service is accessed, etc.
  • Analytical performance cookies: Those which, either treated by us or by third parties, allow us to monitor the number of users. The information provided by these cookies allows us to analyse patterns of user behaviour and we use that information to enhance user experience regarding our product and service offer.
  • Advertising cookies: They allow, in the most efficient possible manner, ad spaces management which, being the case, the editor has included in a web page, application or platform from which the requested service is lent based on criteria such as edited content or frequency in which ads are shown.
  • Behavioural Advertising cookies: Those which, either treated by us or by third parties, allow us to manage in the most efficient possible manner the offer of ad spaces on the web page, suiting the ad content to the content of the requested service or to the use made of our web page. For this purpose, we can analyze your browsing habits on the Internet and show you advertising regarding your browsing profile.


In this section, we itemize and describe the cookies we make use of dated today. We would appreciate your attentively reading of this section since some of the cookies we use may have personal data about you and for this reason, we want to inform you about the purpose and treatment of data which might be gathered.

Please note that cookies, as well as their purposes of use, may vary in the future so, whether you have the chance, read attentively our COOKIES POLICY each time you enter, in case some modifications might have occurred, notwithstanding that, whenever important changes in those purposes happened, you would be consulted via internal notification on the application in order to gain your consent regarding the installation or not of them.

We use different types of cookies. Below are the main characteristics of them, summarized in the following table:

SECURITYCSRFTOKENSessionIt prevents third parties from carrying on actions in sites where we have logged in without our consent.
Logged User CookiesPHPSESSIDSessionControl over PHP sessions. It stores temporary information to enable the site’s functionality.
Payments securitycrsf1hTechnical cookie which authenticates requests to server, ensuring they come from a legitimate user who is making them at that instant. // Stripe we use cookies to ensure security of payments and to have compliance with legal authorities requirements.
Google analytics_ga2 yearsThey enable the control function of unique visitors. When a user enters PlayFilm through a browser for the first time, this cookie will be set. When the user enters the page again through the same browser, this cookie will register the entrance as coming from the same user. Only if the user changes the browser, they will be considered as another user by Google Analytics.
_gat2 years
GoogleUtma (playfilmtv)2 years from configuration or upgradeIt is used for differentiating users and sessions. The cookie is set when the JavaScript library is executed and there is no __utma cookie. The cookie upgrades whenever data are sent to Google Analytics.
Utmb (playfilmtv)30 min from configuration or upgradeIt is used for determining new sessions or visitors. The cookie is set when the JavaScript library is executed and there is no __utmb cookie. The cookie upgrades whenever data are sent to Google Analytics.
Utmc (playfilmtv)End session on browserNot used in ga.js. Set for interacting with urchin.js. This cookie used to operate in conjunction with __­­utmb to determine if users were in a new session or visit.
Utmt (playfilmtv)10 minIt is used for setting a request rate limit.
Utmz (playfilmtv)Six months  from configuration or upgradeIt stores traffic sources or the campaign which explains how the user arrived at the site. The cookie is set when the JavaScript library is executed. The cookie upgrades whenever data are sent to Google Analytics.
PiwikPk_id13 monthsThis cookie stores a unique ID to identify a user, with the single purpose of monitoring visits to the web page. This ID cannot be tracked by any person or staff and is not used at an individual, personal or staff level. Without detriment to the mentioned above, the User has the chance to configure their browser to be noticed about cookies reception and not allowing their installation on their computer or device. However, the removal of these cookies could modify the Web Site’s functioning.
Pk_ref6 months


PLAYFILM uses Google Analytics. This web analytics service is offered by Google, Inc. (from now on, “Google”), a United States firm with a registered office at Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States of America. The forementioned service offered by Google is regulated by Google’s general terms and conditions which you can find published at:

Google Analytics is the web analytics tool which helps Websites and Application Owners in understanding the way in which visitors interact with their properties. It may use a series of cookies to gather information and inform on usage statistics for websites without identifying personally Google’s visitors. Besides reporting usage statistics for websites, it also allows the use of Google Analytics’ pixel tag, as well as some of Google’s advertising cookies.

For further information on the type of cookies used by Google, you may visit:

According to the abovementioned, we let you know that:

  1. Information gathering on this website usage through Google Analytics is carried out by Google on its own behalf, neither being so on PLAYFILM’s behalf, nor at its expense; neither does PLAYFILM have access to such information but only aggregated and dissociated information which Google provides to it afterwards, not being associated to any IP address or allowing the identification of any user.
  2. Google unilaterally sets the purpose of treating and using information gathered through Google Analytics, as well as cookies operation and length.
  3. According to Google’s acknowledgement, users may limit this information gathering by not allowing the installation of cookies and configuring their browser to that end through the installation of an opt-out cookie at:

Only European Union countries share, as a general rule, similar standards in matters of personal data protection and use of cookies.


Notwithstanding the consent application form available when you enter, we want to let you know that, in the event that you did not agree with the COOKIES POLICY, stop browsing

If you keep browsing, we assume you accept to the fullest and with no limits the COOKIES POLICY, likewise you give unambiguous consent to download all the cookies mentioned above on your browsing device.

We also want to let you know that, through your browser configuration, you may have allowed the installation of some determined cookies by simply accessing this page. We assume, when configuring your browser, that you are giving permission to the immediate installation of them, giving consent to their installation. If it be so, do not hesitate to consult below how to retract your consent and manage the installation or removal of cookies.

Keep in mind, whether you would not accept this COOKIES POLICY, cookies will not download on your computer or device, so the web page’s functionality could be limited or restricted, thus being unable to browse.


All modern browsers allow configuration change management regarding cookies. You will usually find these adjustments in the “Options” or “Configuration” section on the menu of your browser. You can also configure your browser or email manager, as well as install free applications in order to prevent Web Bugs from downloading when opening an email.
Specifically, to remove or download cookies, you shall follow the following steps, depending on the browser you are using:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Configuration.
    For further information, you may consult Microsoft Support or the Help section on your browser.
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom settings.
    For further information, you may consult Mozilla Support or the Help section on your browser.
  • Chrome: Configuration -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings.
    For further information, you may consult Google Support or the Help section on your browser.
  • Safari: Preferences -> Privacy & Security.
    For further information, you may consult Apple Support or the Help section on your browser.
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