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360º video

Interactive spherical video

The 360º video, also known as spherical video, is a type of video filmed with a camera with multiple lenses that cover any viewing angle and that applying the right processing becomes a video that can be explored manually, the user will be able to choose the field of vision at any time.

But the truly innovation of 360º videos is the possibility to combine them with interactivities as Infinite Content, Mighty Button or Custom Counter and, this way, integrate buttons or interaction points ─hotspots─ in the player or inside the 360 degrees scene, pinned to objects on the film. With this advanced interactivity the 360 degrees video can become a virtual tour or a videogame to find some hidden objects.


360_IN_SCREEN Video 360º
On Screen Hotspot
360_IN_SCREEN Video 360º
In Scene Hotspot
360_LINEAL_VIDEO Video 360º
360 Storytelling
360_IN_SCENE Video 360º
360 Gamification
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