Picture in Picture

Video over video

Inspired by the namesake technology that some flat screens use that allows the user to watch two video sources at the same time in the same screen., but with different frames sizes. Picture in Picture (PiP) is PlayFilm’s interactivity that allows the audience become the editor of the video, offering the user the possibility to choose which video wants to expand any time.

Picture in Picture can be configured in some different ways, with only one secondary frame ─simple PiP─, with multiple secondary frames ─Multi PiP─ or splitting the player screen in different areas ─Split Screen. It improves significantly some formats as the video tutorials with close-up images or the news with both reporters and the resource footage.


Simple PIP
Multi PIP
Split Screen PIP

Innovate with an awesome new video format, easily create prototypes to communicate your ideas and let your audience be the protagonist.

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