Parallel videos

The Multivideo is a type of compounded video that can play several videos at the same time, in parallel, using just one player. Counting with several videos inside one makes possible for the user to change between them with only one click or finger touch.

Technically, a Multivideo is a grid of videos that is integrated in just one video. When it is played, the player frame only shows one of the quarters while the others remain hidden waiting for the user to interact. This change can only be cyclical ─each interaction will always show the next video sequentially─ or selectable ─each video has a button to play it. Besides, the buttons in a Multivideoo can be located on the screen ─always visible─ or pinned to a specific video on the grid ─only visible when that video is selected.


Cyclic Multivideo
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Selectable Multivideo

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