Infinite Content

The infinite frame

The most outstanding attribute of the Infinite Content is its possibility to open a new window or frame to the Internet, perfectly integrated in the player, that contributes to reduce the video’s dropout rate. Using a caller ─a button that calls the window─, an iframe window completely configurable and a close button, a video can be easily use HTML dynamic contents.

Infinite Content has dynamic and static callers ─in order to follow objects on screen─ or transparent ─whose integration with the content is perfect. An eCommerce, informative cards, forms or ranking can be embedded in the iframe window. In addition, deleting the caller, the iframe window can be programmed to show and hide at any given moment. Its applications are such that it will be difficult for you to consume all the possibilities.


Static Caller
Dynamic Caller
Transparent Caller
Info Card
Transparent Background

Innovate with an awesome new video format, easily create prototypes to communicate your ideas and let your audience be the protagonist.

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