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Conditional Action

Actions conditioned to interactions

Although it is not quite an interactivity, Conditional action complements interactivities and enriches interactive videos so that they can offer more possibilities. Conditional action allows you to create actions conditioned to other actions, events or interactions inside the interactive video. Using Counters and Conditions created by you, you will be able to set up actions that will be triggered only if those conditions are met. For example: linking to a particular video clip only if a certain button has been clicked 10 times, showing a form if the score of a Quiz is over 5 and another one if it is less, or showing a final video containing only the scenes previously selected by the user.

This conditional feature of Conditional action comes in very handy when it comes to unlock parts of a story conditioned to previous actions or to show ranks, prizes or game over screens, as well as to create on demand videos based on the previous selections of the viewer.


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