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Video clips

In PlayFilm, each project can contain different video clips. Use these independent clips as destination points of a user’s action.

Button resources

Resources can be used as button images ─jpg, png, svg─ and mp3 files as button’s sound. Get the most out of the multiple states of a button!

Other resources

Resources can also be used independently. Add animated sprites to your projects, srt subtitles, htmls files, forms or static images.


End of video events

When a video clip ends, it is possible to configure it to automatically link to another clip, to stop or to play in loop.


Add interactive layers with elements that allow the user to take action, with a customizable appearance and different behaviours.

Multiple behaviours

Take advantage of the versatility of the interactive elements. Decide if they should be shown in pause or in play, in scene ─360 or multivideo─ or in screen.


Personalised player

With PlayFilm it is even possible to modify the appearance and settings of the player. Choose the buttons and functionalities available and determine a different style and appearance for each project!

Cover and loading animation

You can also choose the cover picture and the video loading screen. Choose a plain colour, a design or image of your own, a progress bar, an animation…


Adapt the player to your needs with the addons. Create a custom progress bar or add Play and Pause buttons, place them wherever you want and customize them!


Embed in your landing page

Publish your video and use our dynamic embed code to embed it in any landing html. Use different versions of a project depending on the final device (mobile or laptop); we will deliver it!

Share and spread

Use the Direct Share Link to redirect to your landing page or use Social Share interactivity to share your Interactive Video. Take advantage of the potential of Social media to spread your video and attract more traffic.

Analyse and improve

Measure all the potential the Interactive Video, each user action, each decision… React and adjust your video if necessary, in PlayFilm your projects are alive. If you make any change you just need to publish the video again, with only one click!


To make PlayFilm even more unlimited, there is a door open to connect it with external services by third parties. Using external API that amplify the creative possibilities of your projects as well as integrations with other tools of analytics ─Google Analytics and ComScore─ or Marketing Automation Tools ─HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce and MailChimp.

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