360º videos, parallel videos and video over video (PiP)

Use as the base of your Interactive Video a regular video, a 360º video, a group of parallel videos (Multivideo) or a video over video (PiP). With PlayFilm, you can add interactivity to any of them.


Actions linked to buttons or videos

Automate actions at the end of a video clip or configure them so they activate after user intervention, using buttons (Mighty Buttons) or hotspots.

Web frame over video

Load html web (Infinite Content) content directly in the player without the need to open new browser tabs or windows. The pages will load inside the video, in a customizable frame.

Sequences Frame to frame

Turn video pieces into sequences that can be played frame by frame (Action Dragger) with a controller dragged by the user, having control over the speed or direction of the playback.


Conditional actions and action counters

Create conditional actions (The Giver) that will run according to the user’s behaviour. Use rewarding counters (Custom Counter) to turn a video into a game.


Multi device

Every project published with PlayFilm is multi device. However, if you need to adapt certain designs to smaller screens it is possible to create different versions of one project for each final device.

Animated images

In addition to JPG and PNG images, with playFilm you can also work with vector graphics (SVG) and even animate the buttons’ appearance with sprites.

Advanced metrics

PlayFilm offers you different publishing codes for you to show your published projects. To measure their impact and results you also have a complete metrics panel or the possibility to use your own.


Expand even more the technological and creative possibilities of PlayFilm with external web apps or JavaScript scripts that you will be able to implement from PlayFilm’s editor.


Innovate with an awesome new video format, easily create prototypes to communicate your ideas and let your audience be the protagonist.

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